The first announcements focused on the new versions of the Momentum models. As well as the On-Ear version that Over-Ear are now up to date, with the integration of wireless via Bluetooth connection, an NFC module for fast pairing and finally the active noise reduction feature. On the side of the design, few new if not slightly larger headphone ear cushions for the over-ear version, and a slightly more ergonomic way to fold the headset on itself. Both models of Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 will be available soon, with prices that should be available 250 € for the Over-Ear version and 150 € for the On-Ear version based on current models. One thing is certain, it’s really eager to try them!


Although the Urbanite range is relatively new, Sennheiser also announces a Bluetooth version for the XL model. Coming directly competing with the famous Beats model. Incorporating a Bluetooth 4.0 and an NFC module, the controls are managed directly from the ear cups, on which we obviously find a built-in microphone for phone calls. Note that these models, unlike Momentum, do not offer the ANC.


Sector exploding in recent years, most manufacturers offer models of helmets and especially headphones specific to athletes. This is still the case with the new Sennheiser MX 686 Sports. Designed for exercise both indoors and outdoors, earphones have small hooks that should allow to get a good performance during movement.

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