Open Ear Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones Liwithpro Bluetooth Folding Sweatproof Earphones Sports Headset with Microphone and Volume Control for Cycling Running Gym Black

$150.99 $125.99


  • BONE CONDUCTION BLUETOOTH HEADPHONES, bone conduction headphones conduct sound to the cochlea through cheekbones by vibration. Listen simultaneously to your music and your surroundings
  • WIRELESS OPEN EAR SPORT HEADSET, ensure safety as you can listen simultaneously to your music and your surroundings, perfect for runners, cyclists, hikers and more, 6 hours of music and calls with complete inline controls
  • WATERPROOF IPX5 RATING EARPHONES, adapted air compression technology that prevents damage to the internal circuit from foreign bodies, in addition to watertight seal that makes the headphones protected against sweat and rain
  • 2017 NEW HEADPHONES WITH SOUND LEAK-PROOF DESIGN, base one the 1st editon bone conduction earphones, this 2017 new one has made an advanced improvment on the sound leak-proof effect, offers you a joyful experience when calling in public
  • FOLDABLE AND PORTABLE LIGHTWEIGHT EARPHONES, with the 90-degree rotation and 180-degree fat folding make it smaller and more convenient to carry when you workout and it’s more comfortable to wear for a long time since its ergonomic streamlined design


Liwithpro Bone Conducting Bluetooth Sport Headphones: Open Ear, Wireless, Folding, Sound Leak-proof, IPX5 Rating Waterproof, with Microphone and Volume Control

Why We Choose Liwithpro Bone Conduction Folding Headphones:
It delivers unrivaled situational awareness and comfort. Gives more protection to your hearing. Listen simultaneously to your music and surroundings. An open ear design and a suite of audio features deliver premium music play and crystal clear calling without compromise.   Last but not least, its newest folding and lightweight design make them more outstanding and convenient.

How to Work:
Transducers guide mini vibrations through the cheekbones to the inner ears, delivering sound without plugging or covering them.

How to Wear:
Please wrap the headband behind your head with transducers resting on cheekbones, NOT on your ears, and PLEASE REMEMBER TO PUT THE EAR HOOKS CURL OVER YOUR EARS. 

About the sound quality: Bone conduction isn’t necessarily worse than air conduction (the way most headphones transfer sound). The issue is that this type of bone conduction is not implantable. So, you are not getting a truly direct transmission, which makes for a poorer sound quality. Meanwhile, as its open ear design, the surrounding sounds will affect their sounds as well, please DON’T compare them with the traditional headphones.


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