Puro Sound Labs Premium Kids Headphones, Volume Limiting Bluetooth Wireless Headphones for Children, Girls and Boys (Blue)

$159.99 $139.99


  • Healthy ears hearing protection: volume limiting ear protection (85 dB). volume limits over 85 dB are known to cause hearing loss over time
  • Puro balanced response studio grade Audio: Crafted with 40 mm custom dynamic drivers, We recreate the best sound you have ever heard into a headphone experience.
  • Up to 18 hours of battery life: listen to music for hours and hours, not worrying about having to recharge. 200 hours standby means even greater convenience.
  • Durable lightweight aluminum construction: the aluminum used in the ear-cups and headBnd insure that the BT2200 headphones will last far Longer than competing products made from cheap plastic.
  • Block background noise: our soft and supple ear cushion design provides amazing comfort while also attenuating 82% of sound at 1 kHz.


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