Since most people enjoy running while listening to music, it seemed obvious to integrate a sensor directly into the earpiece. It is a common project on which Intel worked with producers of hip hop singers like Fifty Cent and SMS Audio. For a long time, the rumor had it that this option is in the headphones of Apple iPhone 6, but Jabra had the primacy in integrating it in its wireless headphones.

Designed to complement the existing Jabra Sport Box as well as the Sport Wireless + wireless headphones, the carbon fiber contoured headphones are made to withstand physical exercise. They resist sweat, and when we spoke with the managers of Jabra some time ago, they told us that the headphones could also withstand a short passage under water. The headphones also include a step counter to indicate and match the distance traveled when used with the Jabra’s companion smarphone app.


Jabra’s Sport Life app for iOS and Android will help you organize and track your workouts. We were informed that the application would also be able to calculate blood VO2 levels through a special algorithm, still providing basic functions of heart rate readings. You can also expect from the application of normal functions and workout programs such as measuring distance, time, calories burned and areas of heart activity. The app will also include known running communities like Runkeeper, Endomondo, Strava and more. We were also informed that Jabra was hoping to join the Nike + program.

The battery is made to hold for about four hours and the headphones will automatically stop working for music listening when the battery level becomes too low, but the heartbeat measurement will continue.

The launch of Jabra Sport Pulse is scheduled for October, priced at 250 euros. Be sure we will test it as soon as possible to give you a review.

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